Course curriculum

  • 1

    What Are The Customers Asking For?

    • SEO 101

    • Finding Data With Google Trends

    • How Are The Competitors Being Found Online? Let's Find Out!

    • They Ask, You Answer! A Tool To Give You The Questions Being Asked By Your Audience!

  • 2

    Creating Webcontent

    • The 2 SEO Aids For Wordpress

    • Optimizing Your Images To Be Found By The Search Engines

    • Using Bing Webmaster To Find Content

    • How To Optimize Your Web Content To Be Found!

    • Optimizing Your Web Images For Social Media

  • 3

    Measuring Our Content

    • Using a CRM To Track Our Social Metrics

    • Google Search Console

    • Bing Webmaster

The Breakdown

Here's How To Win Online

This course is aimed to take the guesswork out of who our ideal clients are, what they are looking for, what questions do they have, what's their mindset, what city are they located in and how to ensure our content gets found when they are searching for it.

This course will break down some of the key tools in the industry that give you access to data you would have never dreamed about before.

Once you know exactly what your clients are looking for in your respective niche, you will now be able to create the right content and optimize it to be found. We will even teach you how to figure out exactly what is working for your competitors and how they are being found online.

In the end, we will look at the tools that allow us to track our success, so you know whether or not you are on the right track.